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Nexus ProJoint Paving Sealer Water Based

PROJOINT Paving Sealer PRO-820 ECO

A professional water-based sealer for porcelain and natural stone or concrete – invisible finish

Nexus Water Based 820 Patio Sealer is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance and protect your outdoor surfaces. This sealer provides an effective and durable seal for patios. An innovative product, this water-based sealer offers superior performance and ease of application. This makes it an ideal choice for both homeowners and professionals.

This sealer can be applied to paving immediately after the grouting material has been applied and has fully cured.  The water-based sealer impregnates the surface of the paving to give an invisible and long lasting protection against dirt, staining and natural weathering.

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PROJOINT Paving Sealer PRO-820 ECO

PROJOINT paving sealer for porcelain and natural stone or concrete – invisible finish

PaveCare PRO-820 ECO Invisible Water-based sealer for porcelain, natural stone and concrete paving, inside and outside.

This sealer is applied to paving as the grouting material is applied and fully cured. This water-based sealer penetrates the surface of the paving and provides long-lasting, invisible protection against dirt, staining, and natural weathering.

Key Facts:

  • Firstly, it is a professional-grade invisible sealer with strong protective properties.
  • Additionally, the sealer effectively impregnates the surface of stone or porcelain, providing effective defence against water penetration, staining, and natural weathering.
  • Moreover, this water-based sealer is a year-round product.
  • The coverage rate is impressively high, reaching up to 15m2 per litre for stone and up to 30m2 per litre for porcelain.
  • Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for all types of textured porcelain tile surfaces and natural stone.
  • Used with all ProJoint grouting products, apply immediately grouting cures.

Using water-based patio sealers offers several benefits:

  • Firstly, they are environmentally friendly as they contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Consequently, they are safer for the environment and human health compared to solvent-based sealers.
  • Additionally, the application of water-based sealers is easy using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Moreover, this product is low odour and is effortlessly cleaned up with soap and water.
  • Furthermore, water-based sealers have a relatively quick drying time, reducing the overall drying period compared to solvent-based sealers. It provides a reduction in the risk of footprints and debris getting trapped in the sealer with a fast cure.
  • Moreover, these sealers significantly enhance the appearance of the patio surface by improving its colour and texture. As a result, they contribute to a more appealing and vibrant look.
  • Lastly, many water-based sealers incorporate UV inhibitors, providing protection against colour fading and deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight.

Additionally, use the Pre-Grout Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer prior to grouting to minimize grout haze or resin sheen.

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