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Reclaimed Gritstone Trough

Reclaimed Gritstone Trough – Measuring: 17″H. x 50″W x 27″D

This attractive, weathered stone trough would make a striking garden feature in a country garden or rural landscape.

Traditionally, old stone troughs are used to hold animal feed or water for livestock or horses, and these beautiful reclaimed items are often used as planters, water features or garden ornaments.

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SIZE: 43cm H x 127cm W x 69cm D17"H. x 50"W x 27"D

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The captivating Reclaimed Gritstone Trough, measuring 17 inches in height, 50 inches in width, and 27 inches in depth.

With rustic charm, it’s a perfect addition to country gardens and rural landscapes. Its history and heritage as a utilitarian vessel for holding animal feed add authenticity to its character.

Our collection of beautiful reclaimed stone troughs offers a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetics. While traditionally used for practical purposes on farms and estates, these exceptional items have found a new life as versatile garden features. Transforming into planters, water features, or garden ornaments, they infuse your outdoor space with history and rustic elegance.

Imagine this weathered trough serving as a unique planter, cradling your favorite flowers and plants with timeless grace. With its weathered surface and deep roots in agriculture, it breathes life into your greenery, harmoniously blending past and present.

Alternatively, let this reclaimed gritstone trough become a stunning water feature, soothing your senses with the gentle sound of flowing water. Transport yourself to a simpler time in your garden, where this rustic fountain blends nature and craftsmanship in functional beauty.

For those who appreciate the value of history and the allure of a bygone era, our Reclaimed Gritstone Troughs provide a rare opportunity to own a piece of the past. Each trough carries its unique story, etched into its weathered surface, and becomes a conversation starter among friends and guests.

What can you use this for?

Whether as a striking garden feature, a planter, or a tranquil water fountain, our Reclaimed Gritstone Trough will be the centerpiece of admiration in your outdoor haven.

Embrace the past’s charm, adding rural elegance to your landscape with our Reclaimed Gritstone Troughs. Explore the possibilities and make a timeless statement in your garden.

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