If you’re looking for unique and masterfully crafted copings to complete your walls, then you might want to find out more about why buying reclaimed makes you a crucial part of saving our beloved planet!

Our valued customers often speculate why it is so vital that we buy reclaimed materials, and furthermore, what the detrimental impact is of sourcing new materials to the environment. So, read on to find out why we think our work is so important and allow us to answer your questions in this article.

Saving the planet

What is the importance of wall copings?

If you’re looking to achieve an attractive finish to your walls, then you may know that wall copings are the way to go. Reclaimed wall copings come in a variety of shapes and sizes; allowing you to reach the desired look for a sophisticated wall. However, it is more than the look of your walls that coping stones elevate- they are also crucial in protecting from weather damage. Copings can be made from various materials, including high strength cast concrete, sandstone, limestone, ironstone, and natural clay, all of which provide an aesthetically beautiful finish., all of which offer an aesthetically beautiful finish.

Saving the planet
Saving the planet

What is the attraction of Staffordshire blue Wall copings?

Many regard blue clay copings as the epitome of excellence or the golden standard because they undergo firing at extremely high temperatures, rendering them impervious to rain damage and preventing weathering and degradation.

What is the impact of producing these?

Staffordshire blue wall copings involve high firing temperatures and extensive cooling times; which is subsequently costly to produce. A major problem in the manufacturing process of new ‘staff blue’ copings is the release of gaseous pollutants and ash into the environment. Air pollution and good quality soil are the key ecological concerns of the process of creating the highly sought-after Staffordshire blue wall coping.

Saving the planet

    Why buy reclaimed?

    We sell an array of outstanding blue wall copings that we hope you can treasure and value like we do. Buying reclaimed materials reduces carbon emissions by avoiding manufacturing from new, contributing to environmental preservation. People often overlook the quality and hard work involved in creating works of art, leading to thoughtless discarding. Buying reclaimed items significantly reduces this waste.

    Authentic, traditional materials preserve historic buildings and support traditional industries, fostering vital craft skills and character. Staffordshire potteries in the 19th century produced blue wall copings, hence their name. Made from a special clay, fired at extremely high temperatures with a long curing time, these copings have never been bettered but are now considered too costly to manufacture. Adored for its durability and strength, it’s crucial to buy reclaimed, appreciating its value and importance.

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