We’re delighted to announce some of our new 2021 landscaping products:

Natural Sandstone and Granite Setts/Cobbles

Our kandla grey and fossil mint natural sandstone setts look fabulous when used to finish off our matching exterior paving slabs. They can also be used to create pathways as they provide a good amount of grip. All our setts measure 100mm x 100mm x 40-60mm and you will need 100 per square metre. The same sandstone is also now available as paving blocks measuring 100mm x 200mm. You will need 50 per square metre. Each paving block or sett is hand tumbled to create a worn looking finish.

We also have good stocks of new pink and grey granite setts for a traditional look. Silvery shades typically come from Cornwall and the pink/red setts often come from Leicestershire.

Red and Blue British Made Clay Pavers and Class A Engineering Bricks

We have new stocks of UK sourced, red and blue driveway clay pavers. These clays pavers were made in Staffordshire and will never fade. They are highly durable which makes them suitable for medium traffic flow and frosty areas. These can be laid in staggered or herringbone patterns.

Our new Staffordshire blue engineering bricks are chosen for their enhanced strength and durability. They are more resistant to water and frost than any other type of brick so are often used in retaining walls and damp proof courses. These class A bricks absorb less than 4.5% water and can cope with compression greater than or equal to 125N/mm².

Heritage Grey Sandstone Paving

Our natural dark grey sandstone paving is a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to reclaimed York stone. This natural sandstone has a textured, riven finish, giving it an aged and heritage appearance.