Kick start your 2021 landscaping deals with our fantastic offer! Get 10% off ALL bricks when you buy over 400 and up to 15% off porcelain paving when you buy over 25 square metres. We’ve also got a huge £100.00 saving on granite cobbles!

Reclaimed and New Bricks:

We stock both handmade and machine-made bricks in large quantities. From local red bricks to reclaimed blue engineering bricks, if you need to patch up existing brickwork or build a new feature, we may be able to  help.

Porcelain Paving:

Our range of porcelain paving comes in a great selection of colours including amazon black, blue stone grey, ocean grey and French vanilla. Similar to our stone slabs, porcelain is a more durable option that requires less maintenance. These manufactured slabs are less porous than stone, making them unaffected by temperature changes and most importantly, resistant to frost damage.

All our slabs are calibrated and rectified providing a consistent finish and sharp edging throughout.

Large Savings on Heavy Duty Cobbles!

Reclaimed cobbles have also been used for centuries in properties and towns in high traffic and heavy turning areas such as driveways and turning yards. Like blue bricks, they are non-porous so don’t attract algae and are the hardest wearing and highest load-bearing of all paving types.

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